Type Rating Renewals

Airbus a320 and Boeing 737

Type Rating Renewals


Type Rating

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A320 and 737 license renewals and instructor renewals

If a type rating has expired, you have required to receive renewal training as determined by the civil aviation authority.

Aviation Insider offers Licence Proficiency Checks (LPC) with our team of friendly TRE’s on the Airbus a320 and Boeing 737. All LPC’s must be completed on full motion level D simulator devices.

Aviation Insider recommends maintaining a current IR at all times as a renewal requires training before completing an LPC and is more costly than a revalidation. You can find out more about license revalidations here if your license has not expired.

In accordance with EASA rules regarding renewal:

  • Expiry shorter than 3 months: no supplementary requirements
  • Expiry longer than three months but shorter than one year: a minimum of two training session
  • Expiry longer than one year but shorter than three years: a minimum of three training sessions
  • Expiry longer than three years: the applicant should again undergo the training required for the initial issue of the rating

The EASA instrument rating – IR(A) renewal procedure is prescribed by the AMC1 FCL.740(b)(1) to the Part FCL which states, that the EASA flight school – ATO (approved training organization) will establish the renewal flight training based on the following criteria:

  • Previous experience of the applicant – EASA flight school (ATO – approved training organization) for its verification by an evaluation of the data in the scratchpad flight the pilot and, if necessary, carry out the simulator – FSTD
  • The complexity of the variant of the aircraft on which the flight training and flight examination will be provided on
  • The time elapsed – time since the EASA instrument rating – IR(A) is expired
  • The duration of the flight training prescribed by flight school required to achieve the required level of the aviation proficiency depends on how long is the EASA instrument rating – IR(A) expired.

To maintain a valid Type Rating, a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) must be conducted prior to the expiry of the current Type Rating.

Renewal LPC - a320 & 737

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LST - Licence Skills Test - For Issue of a Type Rating a320 & 737

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LPC Revalidation - a320 & 737

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Type Refresher Training

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TRE Revalidations & Renewals - a320 & 737

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