About Aviation Insider Recruitment

  • Aviation Insider is proud to offer recruitment for all client needs with our new sister company Aviation Insider Recruitment (website coming soon).
  • Aviation Insider recruitment has a team of highly skilled and dedicated pilots on hand to assist you. We are the new name in Aviation & Pilot recruitment but unlike many other recruitment agencies who are not pilots or aviation professionals, we are… we really do understand what it’s like to go through the recruitment gauntlet.
  • There are zero charges to the client and the knowledge and expertise you will receive are second to none.
  • Aviation and Pilot recruitment is a complex global marketplace experiencing both high demand and significant skills shortages.

For the trainee;

  • Our relationships with airlines will help enable you to gain employment quicker and easier.
  • Aviation Insider have courses available in interview and simulator preparation that will ensure newly qualified pilots are best placed to secure that all-important first role.
  • Aviation Insider is the becoming the go-to name for pilots wanting an edge on their airline assessment, we don’t just give you hints and tips on what to expect, we train you to prepare full on every eventually and give you tools to aid you for every eventuality.

For the airline;

  • Through our relationship with the flight schools and newly enrolled cadets, we are able to provide a pool of candidates to attend the airline assessment and we can run it on behalf of the airlines.
  • Our highly personalized approach for candidates and airlines provides us with the unique ability to forge strong, lasting partnerships.


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