Pilot Mentor


  • Aviation Insider has a group of selected individuals who will act as ‘pilot mentors’, we will be contactable through dedicated communication channels. We will be available to answer any questions students or pilots may have when undergoing their training or day to day operations – this could be anything from graduate application help, cv preparation, interview guidance, sim practice, and what-if scenarios or general advice – anything they may wish to contact a pilot in the industry about.
  • Users get a login to our website – they have to sign up with their name, email, address, phone number to join the program.
  • On our website will be downloadable information such as interview guides, interview question banks, and much more. Anyone who purchases a ‘pilot mentor program’ will automatically be given 20% off all our online content and favorable rates for our simulator preparation sessions.


  • Aviation Insider and its mentors are here to help with any questions you may have.
  • However, the information provided should always be checked with your flight school or training organization before acting.
  • Our Mentors have been through the flight school training programs and have jobs with Europes largest airlines.