Resilient Pilot



Aviation Insider is working in collaboration with Resilient Pilot to provide a free mentoring service for the pilot community.

Resilient Pilot is a volunteer-run, not for profit initiative established to help pilots remain connected with the industry. Pilot and Wellbeing Mentors are available to provide Peer Support and Mentoring for all pilots, whether they be aspiring, cadet, newly qualified or vastly experienced pilots; wherever they are based.

What is Mentoring?

Sometimes you may just be looking for someone to ‘shoot the breeze’ with who is in a similar position to you and can share their perspective; alternatively, you may want to focus on specific areas of development. Resilient Pilot mentors are happy to work with you to suit your needs. In line with Resilient Pilot’s Confidentiality and Privacy Policy, all discussions are completely confidential and you can be assured of our total discretion.

Mentoring is essentially a partnership designed to build confidence and support to enable a mentee to take control of their own development. The power of mentoring is that it provides an insight from an independent source and creates an opportunity for goal achievement and problem-solving.

Wellbeing is very much at the heart of Resilient Pilot. Resilient Pilot mentors use Resilient Pilot’s own Wellbeing Funnel, together with EASA’s Core Competencies as frameworks to their mentoring sessions, with a view to helping you develop and maintain skills, stay connected and remain focused.

Their goal is to help you solve your problems/achieve your goals; not to solve your problems or achieve your goals for you. They will do this by powerful questioning, effective listening, helping you to set realistic goals, signposting useful resources, giving constructive advice and feedback; and celebrating your successes with you!

How it works?

Resilient Pilot has a growing team of volunteer mentors, and a mentor talent pool ready to ‘go live’ as demand for mentors increases; thus ensuring each mentor can give equal time to their mentees.

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You will be asked to nominate your 3 preferred mentors; choose someone you believe you will connect well with; a relationship of mutual trust and respect is the foundation of a successful mentoring partnership. You will also be asked to state that you have read, understood and agree to Resilient Pilot’s Confidentiality and Privacy Policy and to state that you are over 18 years of age.

On receipt of your ‘choose your mentor’ form Resilient Pilot will liaise with your chosen mentors to establish who is most suitable for you to be paired with (for reasons of availability and experience). Resilient Pilot will then introduce you via email to your mentor who will make contact to arrange your first session.

If you want to swap mentors for any reason, that can be arranged through Resilient Pilot’s central team. Your mentor may also suggest you work with an alternative mentor, either on a specific topic, or for you to benefit from another’s insights.

What to expect?

Resilient Pilot mentors are all volunteers with a solid background in aviation. You can expect to be partnered with someone with experience, knowledge and expertise who is passionate about our industry and committed to helping pilots. They will agree a plan with you to suit both of you and, whilst arrangements will vary, you will most likely agree to catching up fortnightly or monthly to catch up on progress and agree on next steps in your action plan.

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