License Revalidation


Revalidate your Pilot license with our team of experienced TRE's.

A320/ A330/ 737NG/ E190


Aviation Insider airline pilot training

Completed on A320, A330, E190 or 737NG

Aviation Insider offers the LPC/OPC for pilots who need to revalidate their rating. This check is conducted by qualified TRE’s who are experienced on type. We have access to level D simulators across the UK and Europe. All revalidations are required to be carried out on a full-motion certified simulator.

1-hour briefing

Full motion simulator session (normally 3 hours is sufficient to complete the skills test)

Detailed debrief and paperwork to be signed

Skills tests can be completed on the a320, a330, Embraer 190 or Boeing 737

3hrs is necessary if done individually, or 4hrs if shared with another pilot.

The TRE will help you complete the paperwork and send it off to the relevant authority.

Airbus a320

Starting from only £625/hr

Airbus a330

Starting from only £625/hr

Embraer 190

Starting from only £700/hr

Boeing 737NG

Starting from only £625/hr