Business Solutions


At Aviation Insider we recognise the importance of leadership and effective management.

The skills required to be a good leader and the demands placed on those individuals are important in every industry and are often underestimated. Just because someone is a great team player does not necessarily mean they will be a good leader.

Being a good leader is not necessarily a challenge when everything is running smoothly and going to plan. True leaders set themselves apart when things go wrong, as a pilot this could be due to a system failure mid-flight or a passenger requiring emergency medical attention. As a business leader, it could be that there has been a dramatic change in market demands or a supply chain failure. Pilots are taught to deal with issues in a calm methodical manner through checklists and rational thinking, the same should be true for business leaders. What do we look for from an aircraft captain in an emergency, we look for a calm composed individual who will take control but not be afraid to utilize the skills of those around them and that should be the same in any business leader.

At Aviation Insider we are delighted to be able to offer training, mentoring and 1-2-1 opportunities through our team of pilots and training professionals that will prepare you or your team for the challenges that will be faced as a leader. In many instances, we will use the training methods that are deployed in the aviation industry along with time in the SIM learning how to deal with different scenarios.

Our aim is to help you be the best leader you can be. That calm composed individual who takes charge of any situation with ease and reassures all around them and ensures that the best possible outcome is achieved in any situation.