Command Preparation

Command Upgrade Courses

Available on the Airbus a320, a330 and Boeing 737. This course has been established to equip future captains with the knowledge and skills required for command, our Command Skills development programs are specifically designed to ensure the transition to the left-hand seat is a seamless one. Tailored made to each pilot according to their type rating and their experience (minimum qualification criteria applied).


Crew Training Centres in Burgess Hill and London Gatwick, UK

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Course Duration

Command courses are designed with you and the individual airline in mind. Let our team of course design experts work with you to create the perfect command course for your company. The command course prepares experienced pilots for taking on the position of captain. During the period, experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know about decision-making, teamwork as well as how to behave with crew and passengers.



The Course Covers:

  • Specific subjects covered in classroom by airline professionals
  • CRM
  • Leadership-decision making-conflict solving-Risk management
  • ICAO annexes safety-Dangerous good-security
  • Commander authorities and responsibilities
  • Handling abnormal and emergencies

Course Content

A typical program consists of interactive ground-school modules and a series of simulator exercises, which promote the practical application of skills learned in the classroom. However, our philosophy is always to deliver a tailored program to suit our client’s operational and cultural requirements, and we are keen to work closely with your training department to develop a syllabus that matches your needs specifically.

Covering leadership and communication to managing the complexities and essential aspects of aviation law, and encompassing one-to-one feedback, our command skills programs will ensure that your future captains are well prepared for the additional responsibilities that come with the move to the left-hand seat.

What will the simulator session cover?

Management and effective leadership on complex failures will be a main aim of the simulator session. Our TRE’s will expect you to go over the following all in the left hand seat:

  • Single Engine ILS
  • Single Engine go around
  • Non Precision Approach
  • Alternate Law Flying
  • Direct Law Approach and Go around
  • Dual Hydraulic Failure
  • Emergency electric Configuration
  • Loss of Airspeed Elements (many failures could cause this)
  • General Handling of complex failures.

737 simulator sessions will be very similar in terms of managing complex failures.

Level D Certified Simulators

2 Hour briefing

x1 4hr full motion simulator session


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