Airline simulator and training specialists, Aviation Insider have selected Resilient Pilot to provide their free pilot mentoring service. In a new collaborative partnership established between the two organisations, Aviation Insider will also offer a 10% discount on all their online training store products for Resilient Pilot subscribers.

Resilient Pilot was launched in May of this year in response to the impact of COVID-19 on pilot jobs and, in turn, pilot wellbeing. The volunteer-run service provides free mentoring and peer support for the pilot community, hosts regular free webinars; and is soon to launch a free, comprehensive on-line resource library.

Aviation Insider Aviation Insider started its life as an online directory of free information. In 2017 Aviation Insider acquired V1Aviation (Simulator and interview specialists) and merged all content and services under one roof which has grown substantially. Today, Aviation Insider has now become an online platform for information, services, and products relating to airline pilots most of which is free.

Resilient Pilot’s support is available to all pilots, regardless of their current situation; whether furloughed, employed, recently graduated or still in training, as well as aspiring pilots who are yet to start their journey to the flight deck.

In announcing the partnership, Karen Bath, Co-founder of Resilient Pilot said “The recent airline redundancy announcements are unsettling for all our community. Clearly those who have been displaced have already been directly impacted. However, our concern is not just for those pilots, but also those still in employment but unsure of their future job security: The ongoing threat of redundancy and job loss is sadly very real right now.  Our mentors are available to provide a listening ear and signpost resources that all pilots – including aspiring pilots – will find helpful at this time. In working with Aviation Insider, we are able to ensure that even more pilots become aware of Resilient Pilot’s free support services.”

Aviation Insider, Gary Saul added “Aviation Insider aims to provide a comprehensive package to help pilots throughout their career. An area that is often given insufficient attention is pilot wellbeing, but in the current situation it is vital that pilots have an independent, confidential point of contact to talk to. Resilient Pilot’s volunteer mentor team provide a fantastic service to our community and we are delighted to be collaborating with them in this way. We encourage all pilots to make time for themselves; there is no stigma to maintaining your wellbeing and approaching a mentor doesn’t mean you have a wellbeing concern. Working with a mentor is a constructive move to ensure you maintain positive engagement during a period that is challenging us all beyond our expectations.”

“Our goal is to help pilots maintain a realistic but positive perspective on the current situation” adds Stuart Beech, Co-founder of Resilient Pilot: “A number of groups have been established to keep pilots connected, but sadly most have become very negative environments. As an independent organisation, we are working with many organisations – including those who normally compete with each other – to provide and signpost tools to help pilots remain focussed. Having a positive mindset isn’t always instinctive, so we are providing an opportunity for pilots to make a proactive move to help themselves.”

Resilient Pilot hosts regular free webinars for the pilot community on a variety of topics. Aviation Insider will be guest presenters on Wednesday 12 August and will be offering tips and advice on ‘Revalidating your license for free’.
Webinar places are limited and must be pre-booked via the ‘Resilient Pilot ‘website www.resilientpilot.com  

To benefit from the 10% discount with Aviation Insider, and connect with a ‘Resilient Pilot’ mentor for free, visit www.resilientpilot.com or www.aviationinsider.co.uk