Upgrade/ Unfreezing

A frozen atpl holder refers to somebody who has passed all the required theoretical exams but does not qualify him to be issued with a full atpl until he has logged a total of 1500 hours and subject to certain conditions: an atpl will remain frozen until you have reached 1500 hours of flying time, which is made up of the following criteria:

  • 500 hrs multi-pilot in transport or commuter aircraft
  • 250 hrs pic (or 100 pilot in command and 150 pic under supervision)*
  • 200 hrs cross country flights (100 as pilot in command)
  • 75 hrs instrument time
  • 100 hrs night flight as pic or co-pilot
  • Everything you need to know about going for the skills test is here: caa website
Normal Set up
Normal Departure
Engine failure after take-off (EFATO)
Single Engine ILS
Single Engine Go Around – No AutoPilot to be used on the whole procedure until flaps are up and the aircraft is clean.
3 system based procedures eg Operating the Anti Ice, etc
3 Emergency items eg TCAS, Windshear etc
Raw Data ILS
PBN approach to be completed
NPA to be completed
Pilot Monitoring duties during a Rejected take-off (RTO)

All Courses come with:

1-hour briefing

Full motion simulator session (normally 3 hours is sufficient to complete the skills test)

Detailed debrief and paperwork to be signed

Skills tests can be completed on the a320, a330, Embraer 190 or Boeing 737

3hrs is necessary if done individually, or 4hrs if shared with another pilot.

The TRE will help you complete the paperwork and send it off to the relevant authority.

A320 or B737 Individual ATPL Unfreeze

Starting from only £1800

A320 or 737 Shared ATPL Unfreeze

Starting from only £1200 each

E190 or A330 Individual ATPL Unfreeze

Starting from only £2800

E190 or A330 Shared ATPL Unfreeze

Starting from only £1400 each